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Dear relationship,


Our strengths is building strong relationships that create value for you and your business. This is Cosmos Business SolutionsEvery day, our people will work with you to build up the business you are looking for. The goal profit optimalisation!

Our business solutions will help you to meet the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the European market. We have a history of delivering marketing & product solutions, market strategies and professional services to our customers. Our strengths are based on a fulfillment strategy which gives you as a customer a complete and efficient high level and personal service plan. This incorporates finding solutions to every customer request, a complete marketing service but also efficient logistics and distribution.

We can serve you with the following:

  • Strategic & Marketing Solutions
  • Business plans, marketing plans and the implementation in your organisation,
  • Management coaching & consulting.

We are looking forward to meet you, talk and listening to you and build up a strong long term relationship with you.


Vincent Zeilstra,


Business coach

Cosmos Business Solutions

Meet & start up with you!

Analysing and researching your idea.

Talk & listening to you!

Screening, development and testing your idea.

Result & value for you!

Implementation & commercialization your new product.

Long term relationship with you!

Value for money.